Monday, 7 April 2014

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An Interesting Application of TIG Arc


We use TIG arc only for welding. But we can use this arc for some other application too.
Suppose we have to make a steel surface very hard. Then for this application we can use our own TIG setup.
Take Chromium Powder, Nickel powder & graphite powder in adequate amount. Mix them homogeneously. Add some sodium silicate to it. Make their paste. Apply that paste on the desired surface of steel.
Then establish a TIG arc. With the help of this arc, heat that surface. Due to Convection action A homogeneous mixture is obtained on the surface. On solidifying, We get a very Hard surface with a soft core.
This is useful where we suddenly need a hard steel surface.
You can also check the micro structure of the surface for more detail.
If you have any doubt, yo can ask.


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