Monday, 7 April 2014


How to perform underwater welding with simple SMAW electrodes

Can we perform underwater welding with simple smaw electrodes??
The answer is yes. But with slight modification
1. Arc can be established in the water also with same electrode. There is no problem. Sufficient amount of heat is available at the weld. Due to hydrolysis of water Hydrogen and oxygen is produced there. Hydrogen molecule splits into nascent Hydrogen atoms with taking heat. That nascent Hydrogen atom recombine at the weld & provide heat. After this bubbles of hydrogen & oxygen is produced.
So there is no problem of heat.

2. The main problem is “how to save the flux coating of smaw electrode?”. To save this coating we can use simple paint. Coating of simple paint makes the electrode waterproof.
3. There is sill a problem of sudden cooling of welding pool. This makes the joint brittle.
Now how to overcome it.

To overcome this problem we can add boron to the coating of the electrode at the time of manufacturing of the electrode. Boron increases ductility of the weld.
For better result, use heavy coated electrodes. Because heavy coating forms better cup and cone during welding. Thus it guides the molten metal in a better way. Also we can use the heavy coated electrode as dragged electrode in side the water.

These experiments are first performed by Prof. Sunil Pandey at IIT Delhi.
I will upload the video of it very soon. If you have any doubt then you can ask.


  1. You say it underwater welding. Man.....Dont be so mad

  2. You are mad. I think.
    Who spent money on it. I can do it simply bcs it is fun for me