Monday, 7 April 2014

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Review of Welding Engineering Books available in Market

There are a lot of books available in the market on welding technology. I have seen a lot of books.
I am writing this review for the benefit of the students.
1. Welding Processes & Technology(By R. S Parmar)-
This is a cheap book written by a prof. of IIT delhi. If want to clear the university exam then this book is best for you. But this book is not able to clear the concepts. The chapters on the power sources is not so good.

2. Modern Welding Technology(Hobard. B. Carry)-
Hobard B. Carry is former AWS chief. This book is awesome book on welding. Each concept is explained with practical examples. They have different chapters from practical point of view. Like a chapter on welding of steels, welding of aluminium, welding of pipe etc.
This book is useful for Each person who wants to learn welding seriously.
The cost of the book is high(about 11000 INR). I have the photocopy of this book.

3. Modern Arc Welding Technology(by S V Nadkarni)-
This book is a very good book written by an Indian author. Content of this book is very nice. Presentation of this book is awesome. This book is good for detailed study.
Cost of this book also not very high(about 1200 INR). This book is published by Oxford press.
Language of the book is also simple.

4. Welding Metallurgy(By Sindo kou)-
This book is an awesome book on welding metallurgy. As we know the importance of metallurgy for a welding engineer. So study of metallurgy is also necessary. General metallurgy books can not fulfill the requirements of a welding engineer. Because welding metallurgy slightly differs from general metallurgy. So you ned this book for better understanding of this subject.
The cost of the book is very high(13000 INR). But you can download it free of cost from net.

5. Plasma Physics(By F. F. Chan)-
All the arc is a Plasma(partially ionised). For the better understanding of the welding arc. You have to study the plasma physics. Some times we want to study the effect of magntic and electric field on the arc. To study & understand all these effect you need clear concept of plasma physics.
For plasma physics F. F. Chan is best. Indian edition of this book is cheap(About 600 INR).

6. Plasma: A state of matter(By S N Sen)-
This book has a separate chapter on Arc Physics. This book is cheap.(around 200 INR).

If you want to understand the slag metal reaction then research papers of E. F. Osborn is best for you.
If you have any doubt or have any idea then share with us.


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