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Role of BJP in religious violence

As I promised you in my previous article that I will write an article on role of BJP in riots. So, Now I am here with my Article. Of course  I am not writing something new on  this topic. But my effort is to make the truth viral. I want to show you that how these shamefull people, these demagogue converted the riots, the blood, the conspiracy  & the burnt houses into votes.
Before going into deep, I am introducing you with the history of this party. It is established in 1980.
 But its roots lie in  Bhartiya Jana Sangh formed in 1951. To defeat the congress in election BJS merged to form Bhartiya Janta Party. Do you know that this party is one of the weakest party  of India at that time. BJP won only 2 seats in the election of 1984.

Performance of the party is so weak at that time  that no one cares about it. To proof its existence in India, It needs a point. Why they wanted some points, of course for their  existence, for power, for prestige & also for financial reward  But not for the people.
How did they choose that point?? They did not choose that point rather They have generated a issue  for their personal goal. 
What was that issue??   
Of course The matter of Ram Janm Bhumi. They created a hatred environment. They did mind wash of people. All of these for their personal goal as I explained above. They had created a desire in the mind of the people for sri Ram Temple so that with this issue they can start  Ayodhya Campaign(Ayodhya is a city in the state Uttar Pradesh).

When they had created the desire then their next step is for action.  The did  the mind wash same  as done by terrorist to train its new  recruit on the name of Allah.  There is no difference between both.
On 25th September 1990, A Demagogue of BJP, L. K. Advani started  a rath yatra(chariot) from Somnath temple to Ayodhya. The building of sri Ram temple was presented as a symbolic goal. Advani addressed the crowd & mob during travel & did their mind wash on the name of religion.
Several resistance came in the path of Advani. But finally  with lacs of Karsewak(men) the reached to the Ayodhya. Govt. tried to stop them to reach Ayodhya so that cannot destroy Babri Mosque.

Paramilitary force &  Border Security Force were called to handle this issue.  At least 20 people were died by bullets. You can see here, No politicians died during this operation. Actually Shameless people have more life. Why not Advani is at the front? Where was he at the time of firing??
It is crystal clear that Advani is a selfish person.
After the death of 20 men, BJP motivated the people to take the revenge for the death of these people. Due to that motivation, The state of Uttar Pradesh was rocked by a series of religious riots. Hindu mobs attacked muslim localities.  They stopped trains to pull out and kill muslims. They even killed children & women. They were those people who were  calling themselves Hindu. They were going to build the temple. But what they did?? If god Sri Ram was there then he will  definitely splits on the face of L. K. Advani. I think the mob did not have the idea that Temple or mosque is not costlier than humanity or human life.
Former Prime Minister V. P. Singh resigned after that incident.
After that incident BJP won 120 seats in general election. They got the tool (riot) and they have Phd.  In using that tool. BJP is also won the assembly election in the Uttar pradesh.  Riots were effectively transformed in to votes.
After that BJP govt. in Uttar Pradesh house & feeds thousands of volunteers coming from different states to help the BJP in destroying the mosque in Ayodhya. Central govt. also sent 20000 troops to control the situation.
L. K. Advani publicly said that ‘’ I can not give any guarantee at the moment  on what will happen on  6 December. All I know is what we are going to perform the service”.
On 6th December, Volunteers of BJP were crawling all over the masjid.  Base of Masjid was battered with hammers and axes. Till evening each & every dome of Masjid was demolished.

After that, Due to fear from Law, BJP made an official statement that” The kar sevak who attacked the mosque  were most likely from the shiv sena”. That statement shows the fear inside the BJP.
One Vishva Hindu Parishad leader boasted that , in September itself, Engineers had been asked to identify the the Mosque’s weak spots and volunteers trained on how best to bring it down. He said “ without planning how do you think we razed the masjid in six hours only”.

During the destruction of the Masjid , at least 6 people died & 50 were seriously injured.  After that riots  broke out in town after town . In these riots atleast 2000 people died in two months.
BJP celebrated the felling of the mosque  by setting fire to the muslim homes  and localities.  Vishva Hindu Parishad also played a vital role for starting up of riots in different parts of India.
246 people died in Gujrat, 120 in Madhya Pradesh, 100 in Assam, 201  in Uttar Pradesh  & 60 in Karnataka.  Children were burnt alive, women shot dead.  Acid was also used at that time against people. Every possible refinement in human unkindness was on display.

In Mumbai, A victory rally organised by the BJP & Shiv sena ended in attacks on Muslim Homes and shops.  Shiv sena put up a notice announcing an award of Rs 50000 to any one pointing out a muslim home.  Bal Thackeray  also motivated the people for violence. Again you can note that no politicians died during the violence. After that these people has marked many other such religious places & Christian missionaries for attack.  People burnt an Australian Christian family in Odisha with his child.
Due to these riots,  BJP became more strong.  Two years later The Bhartiya Janta Party reaped the rewards in the eleventh general election. It won 161 seats, emerging as the largest single party in Parliament. So the formulae worked.
In 1999, BJP made the govt. under the umbrella of  NDA.
You can note that the root of BJP is inside the riots. The foundation of this party is based on riots, based on conspiracy. They are master in converting the religious beliefs into votes. What is the purpose of those riots?? What we got after doing that??
Of course, We got burnt houses, Death Bodies, Seriously injured  & raped women. This party changed the secular image of India. BJP made the joke of our constitution.
If for being a Hindu, I have to show such type cruelty. Then I am feeling no guilt to say that I leave Hinduism.
Such type of people should be punished so that the humanity on earth remain safe.
Now, BJP is questioning on Congress for riots against Sikhs. Can you expect the Justice from these people. No, I cannot expect. People, Who actively participated in riots against Sikhs were ministers in the congress  government. But BJP is one step ahead from Congress.
Because L. K. Advani was the vice Prime minister in BJP government. BJP also nominated him as a PM candidate in 2009 election.
In 2014, BJP is still same. L. K. Advani is still there.  BJP nominated Narendra Modi as his PM candidate.  Narendra Modi has been criticized for riots in Gujrat against Muslims.
As we know the importance of justice in a democratic nation. Justice is one of the pillars of our India. If we are not able to provide justice to the people then remember one thing we are generating mentally disable people. People become psychopath in the absence of justice.
We can not expect the justice from those killers or demagogues.
We need a stable, secular government.

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