Monday, 7 April 2014

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Synthetic Welding

                                                      SYNTHETIC WELDING

It is a type of welding in which metal in the weld has different composition than the base metal. For example on a mild steel plate , we can make a bead of stainless steel with the help of synthetic welding. In this welding, some alloying element is added to the weld pool by some different arrangements.
How to produce synthetic metal:-

1. By adding Alloying element in the flux:-
We can add different alloying element in adequate proportion in the SMAW flux coating for the desired composition of the weld metal. But we have to add it while making electrodes. After making of electrodes we can not add elements in its coating.
We can add alloying element to the SAW flux for production of synthetic metal.
For example, to create a bead of Stainless steel, we can add chromium powder, nickel powder in adequate amount in the flux.
I am working on making synthetic joints by moving contact shielded metal arc welding.

2. By Plasma Enhanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding(PESMAW):-
This process is one of the latest welding process Patented by Prof. Sunil Pandey
This process uses a Tubular electrode. There is metal powder feeder that feeds the weld pool with desired metal powders. I will explain this process in a separate article.
It is one of the most universal welding process. By its setup we can produce synthetic metal easily.
Penetration also increased in this process. 
This is the beauty of this process.
Very soon, You are able buy this setup.
If you have any doubt, Please ask.




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