Monday, 7 April 2014

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Welding with twin electrode for higher deposition rate

It is also a very simple & interesting experiment. Here we will see “how we can increase metal deposition rate”.
To perform this experiment you need , a SMAW power source, Two electrode holders & two electrodes.
Connect the two terminals of the power source with these two holders. Holders hold two electrodes(1 in each). You can see here no terminal of the power source is connected with the workpiece. Now the arc is established between these two electrodes by touching them. Both electrode starts melting simultaneously.

You can observe here an interesting fact about uneven distribution of heat in welding. Electrode with positive terminal attached melts faster than -Ve electrode. Because electrons emits from -ve electrode With kinetic energy & strikes the +ve electrode. After striking to the +ve electrode, Electron looses its kinetic energy. That K.E. is converted into heat energy. This is the reason why +ve electrode melts faster.

No connection is made between workpiece & power source. There for the arc generated here is non transferred in nature.

Perform this welding where very high melting rate is required.
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