Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Experimental data of firecracker welding

Now a days I am working on firecracker & moving contact arc welding. I have chosen it as my summer project.
I have explained the working of these process in my previous articles(Firecracker welding & MCSMAW). 
I have performed a bead on plate experiment with Firecracker welding to know its penetration, reinforcement and dilution.
I took a plate of mild steel & a E 6013 electrode with core wire diameter of 4 mm. 
Length of plate is 17.5 mm & its thickness is 9 mm. E 6013 electrode is a general purpose mild steel, all position, Ac & Dc , Cellulosic coated electrode.
I thought that penetration is more with cellulosic electrodes that's why I chose  it.

I made a bead on the plate with firecracker welding at a current of 125 A with a constant current SMAW power source. After the completion of bead I cut the piece to see the results.
I used different grades of emery paper & alumina powder to polish the section of the bead. I used Nital as etchant.  I got following data:-

Work-piece     Mild Steel
Electrode        E 6013(4 mm core diameter)
Current           125 A

Bead Length =    8.07 mm
Reinforcement = 1.5  mm
Penetration      =   1.57 mm
Area of Penetration side = 7.21 mm^2
Area of Reinforcement side = 7.98 mm^2

Dilution =  Area of Penetration side/ (Area of Penetration side + Area of Reinforcement side)
            =  .4746

I think this result is satisfactory.
Also the bead is very homogeneous because it has equally spaced, very fine ripples.
Very Soon I will upload the pics.



  1. I look forward to seeing your results. I remember reading about this years ago. But I recall larger diameter, specially designed electrodes. There was also another process where large diameter electrodes were allowed to melt offf while at an angle and produce their own "travel" as they rotated around a center point. This was the 1st article I noticed on your site. I look forward to looking around.

  2. Thank You for reading my article

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