Monday, 9 June 2014



It is a very old welding technique used for welding of ship in old time. It was named fire cracker welding, because when arc moves on horizontally lying electrode, it looks like burning of the end of a fire cracker. In this process, we lay down the electrode in the groove. The electrode & Power source are simple SMAW type. We connect one end of electrode to the power source & other terminal of power source is connected to the workpiece. After making connection, on the power supply.

We use a bare electrode to make an arc between that end of electrode which is not connected & the
workpiece. Simply touch the gap between that end & workpiece with the tip of bare electrode. After establishment of arc, that bare electrode is removed. That is no more the part of the circuit. Once the arc is started. Arc start moving towards the other end of electrode & whole electrode melts.
Thus joint is formed. It is an automatic process because there is no role of welder in this process after the start of arc. Joint made by it is homogeneous & no skill is required. The arc gap is always constant in this process. But there is some demerit also associated with this process. Width of the weld can not be controlled. It is equal to the diameter of the electrode. To increase deposition, we can use iron powder electrode. It can be used where hand of man can not reach.

I think this process has unlimited possibilities. Some people has done the research work by varying the thickness of coating. Some have used EC-centric electrode. But these research are not become very popular. I don’t know why this process become very rare now a days. In this summer, i have decided to work on this process. I will explore the possibility of under water welding with this process. I will try to make synthetic welding joint with this process by putting alloying
element in the v groove the vibrating the electrode during welding. I have performed simple fire cracker welding many times in lab & it is a very nice, beautiful process.
If you want to ask anything about this process. Please write your query in comment.


  1. Is there any practical significance of your research & also your website.
    You are just wasting your time

  2. I have tried this process. It is very much simple than MCAW. But current limit is a drawback.
    I cant say about synthetic joint