Sunday, 15 June 2014


Prostitution should be allowed

Sometimes ago, I met a sex worker in my hometown (Muzaffarpur), who is migrated from west Bengal. After talking with her, I came to some facts about prostitution in small towns.

                                                     First thing, I want to tell you that I am not talking about the sex workers of Red light area of the city(Chatarbhuj Sthan). I am talking about the heart of the city(Motijheel), which is the most busy & famous market for shopping.
  There is a market known for electronic items & various offices this place is also notorious for having massage parlors.Market is owned by a white collar person.

This market is not at the side of the city like the red light area.  I want to say that all local people know that the men’s parlour of the market is owned by migrated sex workers from Bengal, Nepal & also from Katihar  etc. But they are not resisting such type of things.
Means society has given its silent approval to prostitution.The market has at least four such mens parlours where sex is served without caring about day and night. There are similar parlours in Mithanpura area & Bhagwanpur area.

Not only society but also police has given its approval(I think it is not silent) to this business.  Because Town police station is just 200 meters away from the parlour. And if I know about it , You know about it then Police must know what type of business is running there. But no action is taken by the police.

Our constitution do not allow prostitution in any form. So  It provides a tool to earn money either directly or indirectly for Police and local politicians.

Now come to the fact,   For a small parlour, Rent is 40000 INR/ Month which is quite high for such space.  I don’t know about police but we all know that police is not so fool .
It is clear here that it is now socially accepted. You can open such parlour anywhere Or run a racket with having good relation with police & politicians by offering bribe.
    I talked to a sex worker, she is migrated from Darjeeling(WB).  She is illiterate & there is no other source of earning  for the girls like her. Her family needs support. So she opted for it. This is the most conventional story of each sex worker.  I don’t know it is true or not.
                             But the problem start after it because her profession is illegal(There is nothing legal & Illegal) so people charge 3 or 4 times more money for same space. Police take a part of her income.
For a migrated poor girl, These things are most disturbing. How will you pay the rent? Where will you go??
These are the horrible question in front of her.

We have accepted the prostitution socially. Govt. is not able to provide jobs even to a graduate engineering degree holder so no one is going to talk about the employment of these sex workers. Some NGO are there. But i have heard that they are mediators. They are managing police & local administration & also support prostitution & human trafficking.

Life of a sex worker is always on threat due to the extreme risk of HIV and other STD.  There is no future if she affected by HIV. Many of such ex sex workers are dying by hunger.
So, I think. If we accepted prostitution socially then this is the time to accept it legally. Then there will be no role of mediators like police & Politicians. 

There is no need to pay high rent & there is no need to to live in fear.
This will be beneficial for such sex workers.


  1. I agree with u Lakhan. it should be allowed

  2. You mean society has accepted estranged character of persons. Do not vitiate society with your view.people engaged in prostitution can be encouraged to learn vocational skills and to earn their bread with respect.

    I am watching that you are writing for SLIET. Stop doing that, otherwise students parents will be scared to send their wards to SLIET watching that you are the advertiser for prostitution.

  3. I am sorry...Either I am not writing for SLIET or for anybody else....I am just presenting my views on prostitution...
    1.Yes, I mean that society has accepted such character.
    2. I think I am not so much influential that I can vitiate anybody.
    3. Govt. & Several NGOs are already working on encouraging employment among them. But we all know the current status of them. They are still struggling for bread. Leave the respect.
    4. I am just a student of SLIET. This is truly my opinion. Nobody should be worried on my opinion.
    5. Is there any problem if I become an advertiser of prostitution. I am free to be anything without any single constraint. Nobody is allowed to keep me in any frame. I am absolutely free person.
    If you are a parent of any SLIET aspirant there is no need to worry. SLIET is a reputed University. Very few people are there like me.
    So don't worry.
    Thanks for reading my Blog.
    Lakhan Lal

  4. I am HOD(Chemical Engineering) of SLIET.If you want to be advertiser of prostitution do not advertise for SLIET or write anything about SLIET.You are independent but not at the cost of reputation of SLIET.If you want to stand for any cause be fully part of it like NGOs.If prostitution is not legal how Govt. is working for it. Little knowledge is dangerous.It is better if you talk about welding through your blog.

  5. Sorry Madam.....If you are feeling ashamed due to my article. I am feeling sorry.
    But still I say that it is a part of our society. I am not decorating prostitution or saying that it is right or wrong in anyway. But it is a question of livelihood of lacs of girls. If we make prostitution legitimate then it can provide quick relief to them. Simultaneously we can work on grass root level for development of these people.
    Yes, some day I will stand for them.
    I think participation in politics and understanding of social issues is necessary for each student. Engineers are not supposed to deal only with machines.
    I am a responsible citizen. The pressure of me & people like me can push the government to think before moulding any policy regarding this.
    Lakhan Lal

  6. There is time for everything. When time comes do it in le gal way.You need not express your opinion as you like. I am not ashamed of anything. Writing like this may cause you harm.I am sure you must be knowing that you should not express yourself through social media in such a way that there is confusion in society.Behave like responsible citizen. At present you are neither in any political party nor in any organisation. But by your opinion reputation of SLIET is involved.

  7. It is the start of a revolution.....I have the right to see the things with my glass. I am fully conscious while expressing my opinion.

    I am not bother about reputation of anything. I dont like bondage of any type.
    Lalitha Kumaramangalam, Chairman of NCW has very similar opinion. She expressed it publicly.

    If that is allowed then what is wrong in my article.
    Lakhan Lal

  8. You seem to be mentally disturbed person. If possible see me. Lalitha Kumarmangalam , Chairperson NCW belong to the organisation. but you do not.Are you getting it?

  9. 1. Many people have a similar opinion about me....But everybody is allowed to make any opinion. I have no problem.
    2. I did not commit any I can see or meet anybody.
    3. Chairman NCW belongs to NCW. I belong to this WORLD(The Biggest Society)
    4. I am not thinking to make a career in there is no need to focus....It is just for my Hobby.
    5. I am an adult....I have the voting right.

    Dekhiye Madam bat hai ki.....Sikhte hai ham apne experience se hi......Kisi ka experience ham aasani lete hi nahi...
    Dekhiye jo ham ko thik lagta hai wahi likhte hai...
    Ab ham ko laga ki dikkat hai yaha pe.....To maine likha....
    Lakhan Lal