Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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What's so different about being a WELDING ENGINEER

Why to be a welding engineer??What is so special in being a welding engineer??Why can't be a normal software nerd and be a millionaire??

Here I am trying my best to answer questions that frequently comes in mind of prospecting welding engineers.

A welding Engineer is a professional engineer responsible for making & designing a joint of similar and dissimilar materials  while considering economics. He is also responsible for finding optimum parameters  of welding for a new material & process. He applies the knowledge of basic science to perform his task. 

You can see a welding engineer working in a construction company, Railways, Military, Shipyards, Offshore constructions, Defense research, Space research, Atomic Power plants, thermal power plants, Steel Plants, automobiles Sector, Pipe Line industries, Consumable & Power source making Industries etc.
Making a joint is very simple as in case of wood & very complex as in case of making a space craft.Some jobs requires enough attention & consciousness. Without them societies could not evolve & accelerated. 
Engineering is not an individual task. Its a team work. Different departments create & design different parts but the key of the success is in the perfect joining of those parts. Of course welding engineers are responsible for that. Unsuccessful task causes heavy loss in terms of man, materials, money & time. 

That's why  welding engineers are so important in any industry. There are a lot of mechanical engineer, metallurgy engineer, Electrical engineer & computer engineer but the count of welding engineer is relatively very low. India needs Approx 10000 Welding Engineer per year but only few hundred students passed out per year with a welding qualification(Btech, Mtech).  

so there is huge gap in demand & supply. 

To get a job in this field only qualification is not necessary, Knowledge is essential.  Welding engineer has to perform managerial duties also. He has to deal with each & every aspect of product. So the knowledge required by a welding engineer is interdisciplinary in nature.

If you want to become a welding engineer, you must have the knowledge of 

Electrical aspect of Welding(Power sources, automation)
Physics (Must understand the plasma physics)
Chemistry (Slag formation, chemistry of Metals, flux Formulation etc)
Mechanical engineering(design & testing of weldments)
Thermal Aspect( Weld thermal cycle Etc)& many more other aspects.

I mean, It is very interesting to study welding. It is not very much theoretical. it is practical.& performing different experiments in welding is also very much easy & interesting.People with welding engineering qualification has different roles to play like a welding engineer, Quality control engineer, Piping engineer, Metallurgist, Designer, Scientist, Professors etc.


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