Thursday, 1 February 2018

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Picnic of Energy department(Tezpur University) 2018

In Tezpur University, even before the completion of First semester end term exam everyone decided to go for a picnic. I was staying here in the campus during winter vacation and got many advise to go for a picnic. When new year was about to start my facebook feed was full of pictures of my friends celebrating picnic at some random scenic places(We have numerous beautiful natural sights here). So finally I decided to go for it.

It is the tradition of our department to go for a picnic at the start of the every new year. Usually the M.Tech first year student organize the picnic so this year we got the opportunity to organize it.
Mahapatra sir suggested us to go for Seijosa(A place near the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh) and has a beautiful river coming from Arunachal side. Other side of the river is Nameri National Park which has Tigers, Elephants and many other wild life. Although we concentrated on river only due to lack of time.
Seijosa is situated on the bank of river pakke which originates in Arunachal and finally joins Brahmputra. The river is not so deep and has stony bed that makes its water remains clear. Since it flows through mountains that carry rocks, the river side is full of sand(due to smashing of rocks).
On the name of Pakke river, the Tiger reserve was named.
You can also see the footprints of animals like wild Elephant on the sand.
The place is originally inhibited by Nyishi(a tribe) people.

Seijosa is around 50 to 55 km from Tezpur University campus.
We had to prepare food there for which we had two cook. Breakfast was served there at sight itself.
After that the cook started cooking the lunch.
Barua sir started roaming inside the river which motivated me to go inside the river. Mahapatra sir was even more smart, He crossed the entire river.
Nabin sarmah sir also did same. He even learnt how to use fishnet from a fisherman.
We feel motivated and just folded our jeans and went into the river barefoot. The river bed was rocky So it was difficult for us to walk on that. Finally we crossed the river and went to the other side and there we came to know that one of my friend crossed the river just to pee(so that no one can see him).
Meanwhile our other batch mates were preparing the food at our tent we along with faculty members went to visit Nameri forest.
We were surprised to see the lush green forest.
One part of the forest comes under Assam govt. and the other part comes under Arunachal pradesh govt. . On the Arunachal side, There are some office of forest deptt. and also the residence for their staff.
Since we had limited time and we had to go for lunch so we decided return from there.
In lunch we had rice,dal, mixed vegetable, Matar paneer, Fish, chicken, salad and papad. Being a vegetarian I had limited option which I utilized in optimum way.
It was full of fun, we all decided that gain next year we will go for this type of picnic. For Our seniors, It was their last picnic.

What I noticed there is the life of people there is difficult. Poor road and remote location make it worst. While in bus I saw that most of the home has a rooftop solar panel(I think for lighting) means electricity is not reliable there. The population is distributed not dense.
Usually people going for picnic has loud sound systems. Yo can notice many poor children there dancing and running behind the bus in tons of dust.

Prof. D C Baruah Sir

Prof. D C Baruah Sir

Prof. D C Baruah Sir

Dr. Sadhan Mahapatra sir

From left: Dr. Sadhan Mahapatra, Chandan Kumar and Lakhan Lal
From Left: Chandan kumar, Debashish Mandal and Lakhan Lal

Mahapatra sir was first to cross the river

Baruah sir clicking pics and Nabin sarmah sir learning how to throw fishnet

You can see the guy running to pee

From left: Debashish Mandal(The guy who crossed the river just to pee), Rahul Talukdar and Lakhan Lal

ND Dam with sluice gate made for irrigation
Govt. once tried to build a dam over the river which can be utilized for irrigation but failed

Beautiful Seijosa

Mahapatra Sir while taking rest

Maskura Hasin

From Left: Puja Hazarika and Gaffar Ahmed

pc- Angshuman Phukan

Returning from Nameri National park
pc- Angshuman Phukan

From left: Dr. Sadhan Mahapatra and Prof. D C Baruah
pc- Angshuman Phukan

From Left: Prof. D C Barauah, Gaffar Ahmed, Sneha Acharya, Silvia Saikia, Seauji Bora, Dikhita Bharali, Labanya Baruah, Shraiya Pant, Maskura Hasin and Dr. Nabin sarmah
pc- Angshuman Phukan

Sunset at Seijosa

Sunset at Seijosa


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